• BOT Developments  BOT Developments
    The goal of the board of trustees is to serve as a sounding board for the chapter, advising individual officers regularly and rank and file members as needed. The board of trustees is an integral part of the chapter leadership and advises the leadership on accountability and self­ governance.

    If you would like to get involved with a BOT, these are the chapters that most need your expertise and aid. Click on any city to fill out an interest survey. Email Jordan Fischette for further questions and to see what is the latest for BOTs and how you can get involved
  • Update Info
    Update Info

    CLICK HERE to keep your information up-to-date. In order to stay in the loop on everything in the ATO universe, update your address, email and other relevant information.

  • Chapter Houses
    Chapter Houses & Housing Corporation
  • Alumni Associations
    Alumni Association

    An Alpha Tau Omega Alumni Association exists to promote the brotherhood of ATO by providing an outlet for casual alumni interaction. Alumni associations allow the opportunity for ATOs to continue to benefit from their membership with Alpha Tau Omega through fellowship, networking, social engagements, and a variety of other potential interactions.

    Alpha Tau Omega Alumni Associations are typically established in two formats: metropolitan based alumni associations and chapter based alumni associations. As indicated by the title, a metropolitan based alumni association is made up of alumni from a variety of chapters who share a common geographical area of residence. While a chapter based alumni association is made up of alumni from one particular chapter, regardless of geography.

    Email Aaron Bauer to learn how to get involved with your local alumni association.